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This web site is published by the Media and Communications Department of the Luxembourg Ministry of State (SMC). Should you have any questions about this web site and about its contents please visit the Contact page.

Luxembourg’s State Centre for Information Technologies is in charge of the development and the hosting of this web site.

This web site has been created in partnership with Maison Moderne.


This web site provides a unique, non-commercial access to all the news about digital issues and new technologies in Luxembourg.

The Renow standardisation reference system

Renow is the official standardisation reference system for the web sites of the government of Luxembourg. This web site has been created using the Renow system.

Renow is designed to act both as a guide and a resource for achieving quality web sites and portals for public bodies. It was developed in response to the feedback generated by government web projects over the past few years and is based on the latest globally recognised standards.

Renow incorporates many aspects of standardisation, including:

  • quality standards for all of the State’s web sites (functional aspects, common functionalities - such as “Contact”, etc. - ergonomics, accessibility, data architecture, functional design, graphic design – including the implementation of a corporate identity and technical aspects, with the implementation of a centralised infrastructure),
  • project management standards, in the form of a tailored implementation  of the QUAPITAL-HERMES project management reference system.

To find out more about the level of compliance of this site, you may inspect its compliance certificate.


The Renow team takes great care to ensure the best quality and accessibility levels. This website was designed according to the Renow Referential (Web Normalization Referential of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).

See the details of the evaluation in the certificate of conformity (in french).

Accessibility statement

The Luxembourg Government purses the objective to make its sites accessible to the greatest possible number of people. Read more about our accessibility policy (in french) on the website renow.public.lu.

This site has been designed on these principles and we are committed to improve the accessibility to the contents in order to avoid any discrimination in terms of access to information. If you experience any difficulties accessing information, please  contact the Renow team (in french).

  • Updated 23-12-2015