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Luxembourg offers an attractive environment for the creation and development of your tech business. Many institutions will be happy to support you!

Everything you need to set up your business in Luxembourg

Are you looking for the ideal country to set up shop in? Luxembourg for Business&Innovation will show you the advantages Luxembourg can offer. The web site also clarifies the various steps needed to establish your business in Luxembourg and lists the functions and contact details of the partners whom you will require to successfully pull off your project. It will enable you to access the know-how of the players who have turned Luxembourg into a world leader in business relocation.

Are you planning to launch an innovative activity? Get some support and access to national and European funding

Luxembourg sees itself as a country that backs innovation and can draw entrepreneurs. The web site has been created in order to give them an overview of what innovation is all about, from the establishment of a start-up to the protection of one’s intellectual property, financing and technology transfer. The web site lists the events that should not be missed and describes the industrial sectors in which the country excels.

Your entry point to Luxembourg 

The portal is the official web-based showcase of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It acts as the international business card of Luxembourg on the internet, providing unique and non-commercial access to all the key information about the country. The aim of the portal is two-fold: to propagate knowledge about the main aspects of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (tourism, culture, politics, economics, society) and to act as a single point of access for all general information about the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

A one-stop-shop for all your official formalities

With the web site, the government of Luxembourg has created a one-stop-shop for corporations and citizens alike. This virtual “counter” forms part of a global and coherent policy to gradually integrate the various official formalities into a single web portal that centralises all the procedures, forms and information linked to the State and all central and local government authorities in the Luxembourg. Apart from the information aspect, is an interactive platform that enables citizens and corporations to accomplish their official formalities online, with the greatest simplicity and transparency.

SurprisingLux: promoting Luxembourg's international expertise

This campaign is designed to dynamically reveal the strength and diversity of the Luxembourg economy through success stories and little-known facets of Luxembourg. These are available in several formats including a brochure, in print and digital, supplemented by a social media campaign. The project is aimed at an international audience and anyone interested in Luxembourg and its economy.

Inspiring Luxembourg: Openness, dynamism, reliability

The website provides a one-stop non-commercial access point to promotional material about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is designed for all the actors who want to promote Luxembourg.

Datacenters in Europe

Whether you need data center infrastructure services or a complete range of colocation services, Datacenters-in-Europe will provide you with all the information you need about Luxembourg, the best place for your European data center business.

  • Updated 03-02-2017