Grand Duchy of Luxembourg a trendsetter for open data in the European Union

Open Data
The people in charge of the European Data Portal ( operated by the European Commission have just published the results of their 2017 analysis of open data in the various countries of the European Union.

The Grand Duchy achieved an excellent result. Its score places it in sixth place, putting it among Europe’s trendsetters in this field.

A number of factors have been taken into account in this assessment, including the existence of coordination at the national level, application of the principle of attributed licences, the range of public datasets in terms of both variety and quality, transposition of the corresponding European Directives, and implementation of a national policy.

The experts noted that one of the Grand Duchy’s strong points is its national portal at which, despite its short life to date – it only went online as  recently as 2016 – has already managed to earn a reputation as a general central platform for open data in the Grand Duchy.

This ranking represents a success for all the partners making an active contribution to the project as part of the Digital Lëtzebuerg programme: the Government’s Information and Press Service, the State Centre for Information Technologies, the team at the national geo-portal at the Administration for Land Registry and Topography, and the Media and Communications Service.

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Country factsheet showing the result for the Grand Duchy

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  • Updated 21-11-2017